We are solving a problem that has been around for 6,000 years. The pain that people needs to be physically present in a single place to do their work.

After almost three years working together, moving constantly across countries and around cities, and working remotely from coffee shops and co-working spaces led us to ponder about the future of work and start TEO - The Everywhere Office - at the beginning of this year.

We picture a future where modern professionals are able to work from anywhere and be happy doing it. We want less people isolated in skyscrapers and warehouses and factories to become the spaces where they imagine, create, and get work done.

Saying “TEO, find us an inspiring spot where we can finish writing our story.” and hearing back “Go to The Assemblage. John is there, he is a guest columnist at Wired and loves to mentor other entrepreneurs” will sound familiar because all work will be remote.

Therefore, there won’t be a need to drive and walking and cycling will be the norm, activities that not only save energy but also improve our health. The time people spend today stuck in traffic will be translated to time for themselves.

Our mission is a simple one: to use the power of behavioral science to help people work successfully from locations beyond the office or their home.

We break the barriers of time and space.
We value "self-expression” over "survival".
Our value is measured by what we achieve,
not by the hours we dedicate to it.
"I wish I could..." is not part of our vocabulary.
Good ideas comes from anywhere.
Anyone should be able to stop the production line.

We are freedom. We are autonomy.
We are purpose.
We are TEO.